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Drainage - Land Drainage


Single wall corrugated land drainage pipe offers

  • Full range of pipes and fittings in sizes from 60-330mm
  • Allsystems Kitemarked to BS4962
  • Perforated and unperforated options
  • Available with geotextile wrap
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Supported by a full range of fittings


Landcoil is manufactured in blue uPVC. The system is durable and easy to install. Landcoilkitemarked to BS4962. Yellow is also available subject to minimum order quantities and lead times.

Field Coil

Fieldcoil is manufactured in black Polyprpylene with both perforated and uperforated options. Fieldcoil meets all the requirements of the BS4962 standard and is accoringly kite marked.

Depth mm Diameter mm Capacity Litres
600 midiggully 300 24
750* 450 80
900* 450 104
* = BBA certified

Single wall Corrugated Pipe

Sizes up to 200mm are manufactured in uPVC, quality assured by our BSI Kitemark to BS 4962.

Sizes up to 160mm are available in polypropylene. Diameters of 260mm and 350mm are manufactured in HDPE, compatible with standard couplings, seals and fittings. 330mm size is manufactured in uPVC and compatible with Poltwin fittings.

Single Wall Lengths
Diameter mm Length mm
260 6
330 6
350 6

Agritwin Twin wall Drainage

Designed specifically for the agricultural market as a lower cost alternative to Ridgidrain for lighterduty applications. Ridgidrain remails the product of choice for heavy duty applications asystems requireing leak tight joints or BBA certification.


Features of Agritwin Include

  • Diameters range from 150 to 600mm
  • Available both perforated and uppeforated, unsealed unoly
  • Compatible with Ridgidrain fittings
  • a Minimum ring stiffness of 4kN/m2