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Building Blocks - Aircrete

Aircrete Building Systems


Thermalite Turbo building block offers very high thermal insulation properties and is therefore ideal for external wall applications where low U-values are required.


Shield combines all the normal qualities of Thermalite building blocks with extremely high moisture resistance. It is therefore ideal for use in composite constructions incorporating secondary insulation.


Hi-Strength 7

Thermalite Hi-Strength 7 block has been specially designed for applications such as flats of 3 storeys and above, office developments, supermarkets and retail parks, where loading conditions require a 7 N/mm˛ building block.


Hi-Strength 10

Thermalite Hi-Strength 10 block has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the architect, structural engineer and builder confronted with situations where loading conditions require a 10 N/mm˛ building block.


Paint Grade Smooth

Smooth Face provides all the normal Thermalite benefits together with a high quality flat face specifically for painted applications. It is ideal for leisure centres, retail, office fit-out and education applications.


Hi-Strength Paint Grade Smooth

Hi-Strength Paint Grade Smooth combines the high quality appearance of Paint Grade Smooth with the compressive strength of Thermalite Hi-Strength blocks.


Party Wall

Thermalite Party Wall is a lightweight concrete block that gives high levels of sound reduction in separating walls between buildings.



Thermalite Floorblock is an efficient method of providing insulated floors; it is light in weight and is designed for use with all proprietary inverted T-beams.



Thermalite Trenchblock is a tried and tested, economical alternative to the construction of cavity walls with concrete infill for foundations.


Trenchblock Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove joints and integral handholds are two simple, yet ingenious modifications that have been added to the Trenchblock range for foundations.


Hi-Strength Trenchblock

Thermalite Hi-Strength Trenchblock provides all the benefits of Trenchblock, together with the 7.0N/mm˛ compressive strength of Thermalite Hi-Strength.


Coursing Brick

Thermalite Coursing Bricks are aerated blocks produced in standard brick sizes for use in bonding and infill to ensure that a uniform thermal performance is achieved throughout the wall.


Large Format Blocks

Thermalite Large Format blocks have been specifically designed to complement Thermalite Thin Joint Mortar and offer considerable gains in productivity.


Thin Joint Masonry

Thermalite Thin Joint Masonry is a fast, clean, accurate system for construction using Thermalite blocks of close dimensional tolerance with 2-3mm mortar joints.