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Drainage - Polypipe EN401

Access Fittings & Puddle Flanges
110mm Code
160mm Code
Rodding Eye Terminals - 45

Polyproylene: Do not solvent weld, 110mm Injection moulded types include seals & screws
(Aluminium) c/w Sealing Plate & Screws Plain Oval Top/Spigot Tail 
1/20 UG422
Sealed Oval Top/Spigot Tail
1/20 UG422S
Sealed Oval Top/Socket Tail
1/8 UG622S
Sealed Square Top/Socket Tail (Aluminium)
1/15 UG416S
Sealed Square Top (Black PP Spigot Tail)
1/20 UG522
Sealed Square Top (Black PP Socket Tail)
1/20 UG521
1/46 UG632
1/46 UG662
Access Pipes

Single Socket - with Three Boss Shoulders
1/10 USA43
Single Socket - Plain only
1/10 USA643
Screwed Access Caps
Spigot to Socket

1/20 USA62

1/10 USA662
Socket (Requires Solvent Welding to pipe)
1/20 USA63
Access Bend

92 Single Socket

Puddle Flanges
Single Socket/Spigot
Grey PVC Flange (also for soil)
110mm - 200 x 200mm Flange
160mm - 240 x 240mm Flange

1/25 PUD110

1/10 PUD160