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Drainage - Polypipe EN401

Clay or cast Iron Adaptors
To Spigots (1/10) UG463   (1/4)UG663  
To Sockets (1/10)UG464   (1/4)UG664  
Super Clay Pipe Adapotors (Polypropylene)
Super Clay Socket/PVC Socket (1/30)UG434   (1/20) UG634  
Super Clay Socket/PVC Spigot
(also rwquired for Clay to Polypipe access & inspection chambers)
(1/30) UG459   (1/20)UG659  
Thick Clay Pipe Adaptors
Thick Clay socket/pvc Socket (1/30) UG486   (1/20)UG696  
Thick Clay Socket/PVC Spigot (1/30)UG487   (1/20)UG697  
Ultrarib Adaptor
150mm UItrarib Adaptor (1) UG6106  
Universal drain Adaptors
(black) locates on socket - flexible to accept all waste (1/250) UG485  
Locates on spigot - Rainwater pipes including sqaure (1.250) UG493  
Rainwater Adaptors
68mm Round sockett 110mm spigot (grey, black or dark brown) (1/25) SD46  
68mm Round Socket/82mm Spigot or Socket (3") (1/50)UG253  
68mm Round Socket/110mm Spigot or Socket (4")
Insert RS231 adaptor for 65mm square pipe
(1/50) UG254  

Waste Pipe Adaptors

32mm single to socket (1/25) UG455  
40mm single to socket (1/25)UG456  
50mm single to socket (1/25)UG457  
32 and 40mm double mixed to socket (1/25) UG461  
40 and 40mm double equal to socket (1/25)UG492  
Single to pipe or spigot (requires waste boss adaptor) (1/25)UG435