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Drainage - Band Seal

FlexSeal Products

Standard Couplings

Designed for sewerage, drainage and low pressure application up to 1 bar

Large Diameter Couplings

Made to order to suit any outside pipe diameter

Wraparound Couplings

Repair damaged sewerage, drainage and low pressure pipeline

Extra Wide Couplings

Designed for connecting large scale concrete pipes

Drain Couplings

For drain construction where resistance to earth loads is required

Adaptor Couplings

Connect drainage pipes of different materials and ODs

Chemical Couplings

Provide watertight connection where chemically inert coupling is needed

Euro Couplings

Meet European Standards for sewerage and drainage applications (up to 0.5bar


Used with couplings when connecting pipes of different ODs

Flexible Saddles

Connects lateral pipes into main concrete or clay sewers

Puddle Flange

Provide effective seal against water penetration along the pipe

Ancillary Products

Wall Seals, End Stoppers, Universal Gully Seals

Plumbing Range

Flexible couplings for low pressure plumbing applications

Fernco Products

Straight and Adaptor Couplings

Ideal for emergancy repair or replacemnt of drain, waste and vent fittings

Tees and Elbows

Connect all common domestic pipes without need for special tools

End Caps

Used for permanent or temporary capping of pipe work

Sewer Saddle

Fast and economical method of making sewer main connections

Pipe Doctor

No dig pipe repair system for the permanent repair of damaged pipes

Pipe Dr Installation Equipment

Range of installation equipment available to use with the Pipe Doctor


90°connection for twinwall and ribbed pipe systems

Storm Drain

Unique and easy to install surface water drainage system


Internal Sealing System for repair, rehabilitation, maintenance and installation of pipelines