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Cobbles & Chippings

With a large selection of Cobbles and
Pebbles held in stock, we will normally
be able to supply just the right materials
for the effect and visual look that you desire.
And if we don't have just the thing, we will
try our best to find exactly what you are
seeking. Ideally suited for water features
and general design use, these materials are
some of the mainstays of garden design.




 Scottish Beach 





 Paddle Stones

 Black Paddlestones



 Yellow Paddlestones




Silver Grey Granite

 Angel Stone



 White Marble

 White Marble Cobbles

Silica Cobbles

these 5 natural cobbles are hand-selected
for single colours and maximum roundness.
All varieties are non-alkaline




 Black Cobbles

Dark Green Cobbles



 Light Blue Cobbles

Deep Red



 Yellow Cobbles






Scottish Beach

Flat Green Pebble



Flat Peach

Flat White Pebbles



Barleycorn Quartz

 Pearly Quartz


 Rounded Flint Stone


Polished Pebbles

These Highly polished, siliceous pebbles of different
colours are a most attractive alternative for mulching
on small planters, as well as for use in small or large
water features. Individually hand picked for their colour,
the polished pebbles are a very striking addition to a
planter or water feature. Because of their high degree
of polish the have a rich colour when dry and will stay
clean, a big benefit both inside and out.




Mixed Polished Pebbles

Yellow Polished Pebbles



White Polished Pebbles

 Black Polished Pebbles



 Red Polished Pebbles