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Building Blocks - Dense Concrete

Dense Concrete Blocks

Stowell Dense Concrete blocks offer the builder a full range of solid concrete blocks with a well established durability, low drying shrinkage and proven acoustic properties that will fulfill most applications. They are manufactured to BS6073 Part 1 using class 1 limestone aggregates.

The blocks are available in a standard face size of 40 x 215mm and in thicknesses of 75mm, 100mm, 140mm and 190mm in both a standard finish (suitable for rendering) and a close textured finish (suitable for direct decoration). The are also available in strengths of 7N/mm2, 10.5N/mm" and 15N/mm. Coursing bricks are also available in both 100mm and 140mm thicknesses.

Size (mm) Approx weight (kg) Approx density (kg/m3) Per tonne (7N/mm2 Per cube/band
440x245x75 14 1950 72 56
440x215x100 18.5 1950 55 44
440x215x140 26 1950 38 32
440x215x190 35 1950 28 20
Course Adjusters
Size (mm) Per tonne (7N/mm2 Per cube/band    
65x215x100 340 128     
65x215x140 240 96    
size (mm) 7 N/mm2 10.5 N/mm2 15 N/mm2 Close Texture
440x215x75 Y N N N
440x215x100 Y Y Y Y
440x215x140 Y Y Y Y
440x215x190 Y Y Y Y

Min. Compressive Strength: 7.0 N/mm2
Thermal Conductivity: 1.00 W/mK*
Thermal Resistance:
Size (mm) m2K/W at:       
440x215x75 3% m/c 0.08      
440x215x100 3% m/c 0.10      
440x215x140 3% m/c 0.14      
440x215x190 3% m/c 0.19      
(m/c = Moisture Content)
All products available ex works.
Prices on application.
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