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Materials for soil reinforcement, drainage and erosion control.

Woven and non-woven geotextiles made from 100% polypropylene or polyester. Ideal for separation, reinforcement, drainage and soil stabilisation applications.

PVC coated woven polyester geogrid for soil reinforcement and retaining walls. Available in biaxial and uniaxial formats.

HDPE, LDPE and Butyl liners for landfill, gas barrier, water storage, sludge/slurry lagoon and other applications.

Three dimensional composite drainage mats for below ground drainage. Ideal for use around structures or in drainage trenches as a land drain. Can be used vertically or horizontally.

Jute and Coir materials for erosion control and revegetation. Jute mesh, coir matting, coir mattresses and logs, coir plant beds, pre-seeded mats and mulch mats.

Welded mesh gabions and matresses for retaining walls, river training and erosion control.