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HydroKerb base units are available
with either a natural fall (flat). Or with
a built-in fall.

The Natural Fall System is available
in four depth options









Charcon hydrokerb is a unique drainage system for use on city and urban parks and many other applications where integal kerb and drainage is required.

particularly suited to areas where depth is limited due to existing services or where space/location demands that the existing kerb line is maintained. the system is comprised of a channel base unit, (available in a number of depth options) and a british standard profile kerb incorporating drainage holes. this combination gives excellent drainage charachteristics and the visual appearance of a traditional kerb with a number of aesthetic options to choose from. the unique characteristics of charcon hydrokerb make it the most cost effective drainage system available.


  • Available in two finishes for added aesthetic
    choice - standard and textured cornish granite.
  • Three discrete drainage holes are the only
    obvious sign that this is anything other than a
    standard kerb.


  • The creation of expensive falls on site can be
    eliminated with the built-in fall system.
  • The different base options enable minimum
    excavations and subsequent haunching
  • speedy laying is achieved through one metre
    long base units and standard kerb tops.
  • A choice of four depths for standard flat base
    units giving ultimate design and on-site flexibility.






















 Product Finish  Length  Width  Depth  Availability 
Top Unit  Standard/HB 914  125  255   A
Top Unit Texture cornish
914  125 255  M
Slit Box Top Ductile Iron 485  305  243  A
Inflow  - 530  305  350  A
Inspection  Ductile Iron 450  125  255  A
Radius Unit  - 900  125  255  M
Sump Unit  (See Page 31) 500  320  710  A
Base Plate
 Galvanised Steel 1000  120  6  A
 A= Available         M= Made to order