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offering a cost-effective all-in-one alternative to the conventional kerb.
gully and drain networks.highway is an integrated kerb and high capacity linear drainage system

Suited to all highways. access roads and commercial/industrial sites. highway dramatically reduces the need for expensive underground piping and the cost of excavation. in comparison to conventional roadway drainage.


  • Combined kerb and roadside
    drainage system with multiple
    inlet holes along full kerb length.
  • Available in both half batter
    and splay profiles.
  • U-shaped channel with cast-in
    recess for sealing mastic.
  • Requires only simple kerb-laying
    installation (no added 
    underground pipework).
  • Supplied in pallet packs for easy
    manoeuvrability on site.


  • High capacity. rapid clearences                                Highway Main Unit
    of surface water.
  • Multiple inlets along full length of
    system eliminates localised
    ponding/overload blockages(to
    which conventional gully systems
    are susceptible).
  • resistant to wheel and impact
  • resistant to water-borne
  • highly resistant to frost.
  • very low requirements for routine
    cleaning and maintenance



 Main Units: Dimentions/ Availability

   Base Unit Top Unit 

Unit Length (mm) 

400 400 
Unit Width Overall (mm) 460 460
Unit Depth overall (mm) 369 245

Channel Dimentions (mm)

Inlet Dimentions (mm)


300x390 (Approx)

65 to 150 ellipse
(approx) dimentions of complete inlet hole
created by pairing of top units


 Accessory Compnents: Dimentions / Availability

   Length Depth  Width  Availabilty 
Deep Base Unit   400 444  460  Work order
Shadow Base Unit  400 222 460 Work order
Crossing Base Unit  400 310  460 Available
Base outlet Unit  400 369  460 Available
Crossing Base plate  400 12.5  460 Available
Base Junction Unit  395 369  460  Work order
Base Unit With ductile iron Grid  400 369  460  Available
Starter Top unit  200 245  460  Available
Silt box top + cover  400 245  460  Available 
Cable duct unit   400 245  460  Available
 Accessory Components: Dimentions/ Availability
  Length Depth  Width  Availability 
Combined Base junction/outlet Unit  395  369  460   
Shallow Base Outlet Unit 400 222  460   
Deep Base Outlet 400  444  460   
Other Accessories  Availability 
Bolted Access for use with ductile iron grid         
Crossing Base Unit bend         
Textured option (top Unit)        
Painted Option (top Unit)