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Offering substantial cost savings in comparison to alternative systems. safeticurb is a long established. well proven linear drainage system with a discrete cross-fall to direct surface water to drainage entrance for hard landscaped areas and roadways.

With slot, grid or intergrated kerb options, sateticurb offers a cost effective alternative to gully networks, substantially reducing the need for expensive underground connecting pipework by directing surface water to the drainage entrance.

Long established and well proven. safeticurb has shown itself to be effective, durable and requiring minimal maintanance, suitable for all hard-landscaped surfaces and heavier duty options such as industrial sites.


  • Unobstrusive system. installed
    flush with hard landscaped surface.
  • Aesthetically pleasing format.
  • Subtle cross-fall towards water inlet
    on each unit.
  • Kerb units; - splay or half batter
    profile option with slot inlets.


  • Efficent removal of surface water
    without need for gullies and expensive
    underground connecting pipework
  • Easy maintenance.


 Main Units Guide:
Dimentions/ Availablity

  125mm  150mm unit  Kerb Unit 
Available   A
Unit Length 914 914  914 
Unit Width - Overall (mm)  250 305 250 
Unit Depth - Overall (mm)

320 (SP Profile) W
350 (HB2 Profile) A

 Nominal Bore 125  150  125 
 Inlet option      
 Slot Drain Apeture Width 15  15   
 Pressed Steel Grid Width (mm) 100 100   
 Ductile Iron Grid Width (mm) 100  100   
 A = Available From Stock
W = Work Order


 Specification Summary

   Trafficking - EN 1433 Standard Classification  
Main Units
Unit/Bore (mm) 
Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class E
600 kN 
Class F
Unit Weight
DBA/ 125           102
DBJ/ 150          147
DBM/125        106
 DBG/PS/125            97
 DBG/DI/150          107
DBGJ/PS/150            142
DBGJ/DI/150          152
DBK SP/ 125        117
DBK HB2/125        129
Unit/Bore (mm)
Type A/J Silt Box Top         115
Type H Slit Box Top        148
Inspection Unit DBG/ PS/125            97
Inspection Unit DBG/D1/125         107
Inspection Unit DBGJ/ PS/ 150            142
Inspection Unit DBG/ DI/ 150          152
Inspection Unit DBG/ SU      107
Inspection Unit Kerb SP/125      117
Inspection Unit Kerb HB2 /125      129
Manhole Cover Kerb      170
 Manhole Cover Kerb      175
 Transistion Kerb       106
 Transition Kerb        109
  = Suitability