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ReadyRamp is a flat top road hump & speed cushion system providing a
range of traffic calming measures for low speeds, including public service
(PSV) routes.

Manufactured in a similar process to RMC
ReadyPave paving blocks, ReadyRamp units
are available in matching colours. Standard
packs consist of ramp units, corner sets &
side u'nits. For non-standard sizes, ramp
extension packs & side extension packs are
available to extend the overall length by 1 m
(i.e. 2m of extra product per pack).

RMC ReadyPave ReadyRoad 60 or 80mm thick paving blocks, are ideal for
the flat top surface. Refer to page 61 for laying specification for RMC
ReadyRamp. Colours made to order in Red, Wheatmeal or Burnt Ember.

 Ready Ramp System10
Speed Cushion Kit 
System 15 
 Ramp Gradient  1 in 10 1 in 15 
 Rise  75mm  75mm
 Ramp Length  800mm  1125mm
 Standard Pack Reference    
Corner units

4 no. 10JC1's
4 no. 10JC2's
4 no. 10JC3's
4 no. 15JC1's
4 no. 15JC2's
4 no. 15JC3's
4 no. 15JC4's
 Ramp Units

20 no. 10JRA's
20 no. 10JRB's
54 no. 15JRA's
54 no. 15JRB's
54 no. 15JRC's
 Side Blocks 6 no. 10JS/75's  50 no. 15JS/75's 
Top Surface
Total no. in Pack
15 no.
ReadyRoad 80's
73 Units 
 Flat Top Length  300mm 2575mm 
 Overall Length  1900mm 4900mm 
 Flat Top Width  1000mm 2775mm 
 Ramp Extension Pack Reference
 Components Per Pack 2 no. 10JRA's
2 no. 10JRB's
2 no. 10JRC's 
20 no. 15JRA's
20 no. 15JRB's
20 no. 15JRC's 
 Side Extension Pack Reference    
 Components Per Pack  20 no. 10JS/75's 20 no. 15JS/75's