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Kassle Kerb System

A major step forward in
public transport access
and convenience.

The unique Kassel Kerb provides the ultimate solution for kerbing at low-floor vehicle stops. Kassel Kerb forms a seamless, gap-free join between low-floor vehicles and stops, providing faster and easier passenger access and more efficient and accessible transport services.

                   Providing optimum vertical/horizontal
                   gap differential, the Kassel Kerb also
                   improves passenger safety, especially
                   for the disabled and visually impaired.
                   Its unique design profile reduces
                   expensive wear and tear on vehicle
                   tyres, substantially cutting overheads
                   for bus and coach operators.
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
(DDA) requires measures to be taken
to improve access for the visually
impaired and disabled.


Europe's number one bus stop kerb

Used in over 1200 cities and towns across the Continent, the Kassel
Kerb is Europe's number one bus stop kerb system:


  •  No-gap access for easier, safer
    and more accessible transport
    for all
  •  Guides vehicle into optimal
    stopping position to maximise
    safety and service speed
  • Reduces tyre wear and damage
    to cut maintenance costs
  •  Proven long-term performance
  • Ideal for shared bus and low
    floor tram stops



Designed For Peformance, Safety and Strength

            The key to providing a universally 
public transport system
            is the speed and efficiency with
            which it operates.




The Kassel Kerb's durability and
low-maintenance design aids more
efficient and user-friendly public transport

Manufactured from high strength
concrete, using the finest aggregates,
the Kassel Kerb is extremely

The smooth, concave contact face of
the Kassel Kerb replicates the profile
of vehicle tyres, self-steering the
vehicle into the optimal stopping
position whilst preventing its wheels
from climbing or damaging the kerb.

The boot shaped profile of the units
ensures that vehicle weight on the toe
always offsets tyre pressure on the
contact face to eliminate kerb

Granite Kassel Kerb                           Kassel Kerb Solar

For architecturally sensitive                              The Kassel Kerb Solar is used for
locations, the Kassel Kerb is                            the illumination of unlit bus stops
available in natural granite.                                -especially for the highlighting of
Produced to the same high                               
access points for buses and coaches.
standards and offering all the
properties of its concrete 
counterpart, including its non-slip  
top surface and self-steering
profile, the granite version
suits traditional areas or locations
where a natural stone finish is
more in keeping than concrete.


 Kassel Kerb
 Product Code
160mm size
Approx Weight Kg
KK 160 Standard Kerb 274 
KK 160 SLR  Solar Kerb 274
KK 160/500 500 Short 137 
TK 160 R Transition Kerb - Right Hand  265
TK 160 L Transition Kerb - Left Hand  265
RK 160 R/L 1  Ramp Kerb 1  257
RK 160 R/L 2  Ramp Kerb 2  218
RK 160 R/L 3 Ramp Kerb 3  164
FK 160/180 Flat Kerb  163
KK 160/45 QD 45 Quad  248
KK 160/90 IQD 90 Quad Internal  188
KK 160/90 EQD 90 Quad External  205
KK 160 ER 6000 6m Radius External  274
KK 160 IR 6000 6m Radius Internal  274
 180mm size  
KK 180   Standard Kerb  292
KK 180 SLR   Solar Kerb  292
KK 180/500  500 Short  146
TK 180 R  Transition Kerb - Right Hand  271
TK 180 L  Transition Kerb - Left Hand  271
RK 180 R/L 1  Ramp Kerb 1  275
RK 180 R/L 2   Ramp Kerb 2  236
RK 180 R/L 3  Ramp Kerb 3  182
FK 160/180  Flat Kerb  163
KK 180/45 QD  45 Quad  268
KK 180/ 90 IQD  90 Quad Internal  200
KK 180/90 EQD  90 Quad Internal  228

Standard Units