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Decorative Paving - Stone Market Landscaping Stone

Natural Rockery Stone, Cobbles and Boulders

Pacific Paddlestones Outsize
300-450mm flat, well worn shist
Pacific Paddlestones Large
150-230mm flat, well worn schist
Devon Pink Rockery
Angular, variegated pastel colours
Atlantic Selected Cobbles
150-200mm hand selected, well rounded
Mountain Green Rockery
Hand and angularr, occasional white veining
Celtic Cobbles
200-300mm assorted part worn glaciated cobbles
Plum Slate Rockery
Co-ordinates with our extensive slate range
Part Worn Boulders
300-400mm glaciated part worn, as Celtic Cobbles
Purbeck Buff Rockery
Squarish pieces, combine with Cotswold Chippings
Large Specimen Boulder
500-1000mm, selected for interesting features

Decorative Chippings and Pebbles

Pacific Paddlestones Medium
70-15-mm flat, well worn schist
Staffordshire Pink
10-14mm partly crushed pebbles
Terracotta Chippings
8-14mm hard and angular
Welsh Green Chippings
10-14mm angular, consistent colour
Green Slate Chippings
5-30mm flattish, mixed colours and shapes
Atlantic Shingle 14mm
8-14mm well rounded multicolours
Derbyshire White
10-14mm pale grey limestone chippings
Sea-Washed 10mm
6-10mm flinty shingle
Black Polished Pebbles
20-40mm very smooth and shiny
Blue Slate Chippings 20mm
5-30mm flattish mulch, mixed shades
Atlantic Pebbles 25mm
20-30mm well rounded multicolours
Spanish White Chippings
8-11mm sparkling and angular
Sea-Shore 20mm
10-20mm rounded flinty pebbles
Multi-Mix Chippings
8-11mm white, red and black
Blue Slate Chippings 40mm
30-50mm flattish pieces, mixed shades
Atlantic Pebbles 40mm
30-50mm well rounded multicolours
Spanish White Pebbles
20-40mm smooth and waterworn
Sea-Worn 40mm
20-40mm rounded flinty pebbles
Golden Blend 10mm
6-10mm flint chippings
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
5-30mm flattish mulch
Atlantic Cobbles 80mm
50-80mm well rounded multicolours
Spanish White Cobbles
40-90mm smooth and waterworn
Beach Cobbles 75mm
50-75mm rounded waterworn flint
Golden Blend 20mm
10-20mm flint chippings
Plum Slate Chippings 40mm
30-50mm flattish pieces
Atlantic Cobbles 120mm
80-120mm well rounded multicolours
Cotswold Chippings
10-14mm genuine washed Cotswold
Cornish Spar Chippings
10-14mm angular sparkling granite
Apricot Pebbles
8-16mm quartzite, pastel shades
Slate Paddlestones
50-100mm flat, smooth, waterworn