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Denso corrosion prevention systems for: 10) Onshore marine structures and jetty piles 19) Precastconcrete jointing
1) Buried pipelines and directional drilling 11) Bridges, tension cables and highway structures 20) Road construction, repair and maintenance
2) Sub- sea pipelines 12) Sewage treatment works 21) Car parks
3) Above - ground pipework 13) Metal roofs and roof purlins 22) Bridge decks
4) Pipelines valves, welded joints, coupling Denso sealing/waterproofing systems for: 23) Airports runways
5) Mounded storage vessels 14) Industrial flooring 24) Light rail and tram tracks
6) Strorage tanks and pumps 15) Bund walls Denso building, plumbing and fibre reinforced plastic composite systems for:
7) Process plant, steelwork and structures 16) External culvert waterproofing 25) Professional building and plumbing contractors
8) Pylons and power generation 17) Flat roofs, balconies, parapets and flashings 26) Home repaires and maintenance
9) Offshore marine structures 18) Service entries, ducts and cable glands 27) Water storage/ treatment
28) Train carriage refurbishment
Suspension bridge stressing cables, Severn Estuary, protected with Denso steelcoat/ Void Filler System.
Sub-sea joints of sea-outfall, Atlantic Ocean, protected with Densopol Marine Tape System.
North sea oil rig, riser pipes and frames protected by Denso steelcoat system.
7000m of Densoseal Membranes utilised to waterproof a medical centre roof and flashings, South Africa.
Gas pipebridge with flanges, Uk, protected with Denso Steelcoat system, applied in-situ without grit blasting.
Pipes, valves and joints of a North American pipeline protected with Denso protal Liquid system.
Denso Tie-Bar system protects Atlantic Ocean sea defences against corrosion.
Electrical cable duct entries at UK ethylene plant, sealed with Denso mastic
Concrete tanks at water purification plant, Belgium, lined with Denso Archco- Rigidon Liquid reinforced system.
Acid tanks at effluent treatment plant, UK lined with Denso Archco-rigidon liquid reinforced system.
Buried pipeline, South Africa, protected with Denso Ultraflex tape.
Denso steelwork system protects steelwork and service pipes of gantry crane, South Africa.
Denso Archco-Rigidon liquid reinforced system protects floor tanks and dry well at nuclear power plant, UK.
Application of Denso prfiling mastic to a pipeline coupling.
Denso Acrylic tape prevents galvanic corrosion on 7.5 acre roof of refurished aircraft hanger, UK.
Denso steelcoat system applied in-situ to protect aerial pipeline, New Zealand.
Mounted L.P.G storage vessel, South Africa, protected from corrison by Densotherm Hot Applied System.
Denso Tokstrip joint sealant for precast concrete boc culverts, UK.
Coal handling wharf, Australia, piles protected with Denso seashield system.
road bridge re-surfacing, UK, mastic asphalt joints sealed with Denso road system.
Denso steelcoat system for pipelines operating at temperatures up to 200C
Denso Tokstrip joint sealant for precast concrete manhole rings, UK.