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SUDS - Polystorm Lite

Polystorm Lite

Polystorm Lite has all the same attributes of Polystorm capable of accomodating the majority of site constraints. The difference is Polystorm Lite has been specifically designed for non-trafficked applications.

With a 20 tonne per square metre compressive strength it will however take general maintenance vehicles such as grass cutters. Attenuation solutions can be designed and built using Polystorm Lite as a modular construction to form tank structures. The modular structure receives rainwater collected from roofs or surface drains ready to release within a set drainage limit. Polystorm Lite can be fully integrated with our Stormcheck flow control chamber and silt traps and is typically used for landscaped areas, pedestrian or public open spaces such as underneath playgrounds.

Polystorm Lite Key Benefits
  • 95% void ratio allowing greater storage and reduced excavation and disposal cost.

  • Cells are light enough to carry providing health and safety benefits.

  • Speed and ease of installation

  • Flexibility in design and shape would also be ideal for shallow excavation.

  • BBA Approval Pending.

  • Fully compatible with Polypipe Civils drainage product range.


Polystorm Lite

Technical Specification Overview

Unit Type Polystorm Lite
Product Code *PSM2
Dimensions 1m x 0.5m x 0.4m high
Total Volume 0.2 m per cube
Unit Weight **7kgs
Cube Storage System 0.19m (190 litres)
Surface area 55% perforated
Compressive Strength Minimum 20 tonnes per sq metre
Maximum burial depth 2 meters ***

* Each unit includes A clips and 2 shear connectors.
** Pallet weight dependant on order quantity
*** in weak clay maximum burial depth should not exceed 1.5 meters. Do not install Polystorm Lite below water table. For installations deeper than the recommended 2 meters please contact Polypipe Civils Technical Team.