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Drainage - Polypipe Civil

Ridgidrain ADS features

  • Full range from 100 to 1050mm
  • A blue inner wall for ease of CCTV surveying and product identification
  • Structured wall design for a high ring stiffness
  • Optimised weight for reduced health and safety risks and ease of transport, handling and installation. Ridgidrain pipes have a weight less than 6% of the equivalent size of concrete pipe
  • Low friction inner wall for far superior hydraulic performance
  • Robust, impact and abrasion resistant construction
  • Intergral sockets in diameters 400mm and greater

Rigdgidrain Advanced drainage system

The Ridgidrain ADS system is the complete technical and commercial answer to all non pressure, surface and sub-surface water drainage applications. To date Ridgidrain pipes have been installed on thousands of civil engineering projects including highways, railways, airports, industrial infrastructure, environmental and leisure projects as a direct alternative to concrete and clayware pipes.

The Ridgidrain system also includes 750, 900 and 1050mm diameters. these diameters are unique to Polypipe Civils. Available in 3m lengths with intergral sockets and 6 metre lengths using double couplers. 750 & 900mm are fully certified by the British Board of Agrement as a sealed systems. This range compliments the
Ridgidrain system.

Ridgidrain ADS is supported by a large range of fittings and bespoke fabrications can be manufactured to customer specifications.
Normal Size I.D mm O.D mm Material
100* 100 118 HDPE
150* 150 178 HDPE
225* 225 266 HDPE
300* 300 354 HDPE
375* 375 435 HDPE
400* 400 460 PP
450 450 514 PP
500* 500 571 PP
600* 592 675 PP
750* 766 883 PP
900* 914 1040 PP
1050** 1065 1215 PP
HDPE = High Density polyethylene  PP = Poly propylene
* = BBA Certified ** = Only unsealed

Ridgigully features

Unique, patented screw thread corrugations offer:

  • Lightness and superior strength
  • Effective jeying into the concrete surround
  • Nested gullies lock together for easy handling, transportation and safer storage on site


A high quality, light, easy to handle and install alternative to heavy concrete and clay gullies. Ridgigully is manufactured in durable HDPE in 3 sizes.

Ridgigully is suitable for both trapped and untrapped systems with 160mm spigot outlet as standard, which is easily adapted to Ridgidrain, Polysewer and other pipe systems.

A range of accessories is available, including gully risers that key into the gully and eliminate the need for brickwork to finished level.

Depth mm Diameter mm Capacity Litres
600 midiggully 300 24
750* 450 80
900* 450 104
* = BBA certified


Ideal for flexible gully connections, 150mm single wall corrugated Ridgiflex has the same external profile as a Polypipe Ridgidrain.

Available in 25m coils, it is fully compatible with standard Ridgidrain fittings.

Fin and Narrow Filter Drains

Manufactured to meet the reuirements of the Highways Agency, Type 6 Fin Drain and Type 8 Narrow Filter are BBA certified for surface and sub-surface water drainage applications.

Following the outstanding track record of conventional Ridgidrain pipe and fittings, we have made a substantial capital investment in a state of the art fabrications facility. Fabrications are manufactured in sizes up metres in diameter and include:

  • Catchpits
  • Manholes
  • Soakaways
  • Pump, sampling and inspection chambers
  • Ducting drawpits

and more...

Fabrications can be made to precise customer specifications with standard products also available for road and rail applications.

Manholes, Catchpits, Valve Chambers, Pump Chambers, Sampling Chambers and Soakway

Ridgidrain catchpits are supplied with inlets and outlets fabricated to customer specification. One piece units can be supplied complete with step irons to BS1247 and can be benched with concrete in the traditional way. Catchpits and manholes can be supplied with intergral base of plain ended.

A range of catchpits are manufactured for railway track and highway filter drainage. 



  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance properties
  • Use of high performance, virgin polymers for the pipe innerwall
  • Versatility and adaptability
  • Single piece or segmented constructions available
  • Fully compatible with Ridgidrain ADS systems

Flexicon Couplings

Available as straight connections or adaptors for a wide range of pipe materials and sizes.

Robust EDPM flexible rubber couplings manufactured from EPDM to BSEN681-1, ideal for jointing pipes for sewerage, drainage and other low pressure applications.

A full range of adaptors is available for sealed connections to other systems.